Teaching The Future

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Although Joe is wearing blue pants.

The reason

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You can ask me about it and I’ll tell you.

The Group I Work With

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We were all in one place, so we took a photo.

Hurricanes and Their Impact

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First and foremost I would like to say that this is opinion is from a purely observational standpoint.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way here is what Ike looks like:

Here is the projected storm path:

In essence the coast of Texas should expect a hurricane by Friday.

Everyone at work is abuzz with knowing about the hurricane, where it’s headed, what it’s strength is etc.. etc… Well I shouldn’t say everyone, just the gentleman in the next row of cubes that I refer to as the “meteorologist” (pardon the spelling if I messed up) is pretty much on the Chronicle’s blog for about 6 hours of the day and giving vocal forecasts to everyone in the office.

The biggest thing that I want everyone to know is that personalities are the biggest reason that hurricanes are a big deal, and I say this because it reflects on multiple levels.  I’d like to think that most of us are not lemmings in this world but I’m constantly reminded of this (in my work enviornment) especially during this time. Lemming 1 goes to lemming meterologist to obtain the forecast and distribute etc… instead of waiting for the head lemming (contract head) to make an official statement regarding the storm and evacuation.

This goes on to a bigger dillema (spelling once again?) that decisions get made for reasons, and that higher ups make those decisions for those reasons. If the right decisions get made correctly that person should be given credit where credit is due. If the wrong decisions get made then that person will be vetted out of the system. Repeat process for all of humanity for all time.

In summation, events like this bring out the best and worse in people.

Tired of writing about the same old stuff.

The Weekend Made Me Happy

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Over the weekend the girls did their job:

And I found some good new music:









Matias Aguayo – Minimal LP: The best thing I’ve heard since Sven Van Hees, the DJ Koze Maxi Version lays down the law on pumpin club anthems.

I would also recommend people go visit the blog I got the link from: myModern











The Martin Brothers – Dum (Link to come soon): The cheezy hook is cheezy (did I say the hook was cheezy?), but it reminds me of stuff so it’s up there on my list.

I’ll have a mix out soon with these tracks and others so keep posted.

Brazilians and the ways of business

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So I’ve been selling off my DJ equipment (yes hoz me all you want, but I still made money on it, and with it) and I received a bid on my mixer from a guy in Brazil. Well let’s just say the transaction didn’t turn out the way that I wanted it to, and it is still currently up on ebay.  I was ready to kill this guy this morning as he tried to argue the price of shipping in the total cost (I told him 100 dollars as packing was 13.89 and shipping to Sao Paulo was 78.32). He then told me that he had to pay a 60% duty and could the total price for the mixer be 360. I was not about to sell my mixer for that price and take the hit on the shipping as it is a well maintained DJM 500.

What I’m really trying to get at here is the fact that he was willing to say that I can’t pay an extra 10% on the cost of the mixer to ship it to the other side of the tropics. Screw that. I’m paying an extra 10% on all my groceries these days compared to when I got here, not to mention the 33% increase in fuel which now currently sets me back 70 dollars per week to drive to and from work. Anyway what I’m getting at is the nerve for this guy to make the bid, not check international shipping rates, and make me have to repost and wait yet another week to send this out.



I Take The Bus Mix

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Courtesy of the Time afforded to yours truly by taking the bus to work, here it is:

I Take The Bus Mix By DMFM